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MedCorp EMS Billing offers a complete line of services to fill all of your Ambulance Billing needs. We have listed an overview of our services below.  

  • Full Service Ambulance Billing
    • MedCorp EMS Billing can handle your account from pre-bill thru external collections or legal.   With a licensed collection agency as a sister company, we offer great value on your private pay and past due accounts.
  • Daily Reporting
    • We send a daily financial report with the daily deposits
    • We send a daily billed reports of all calls that were billed for the day.
    • We send a daily HOLD report with a list of all calls that are on hold and give a reason they are on hold.
  • Monthly Reporting
    • MedCorp EMS Billing offers extensive monthly reporting breaking down your revenue by zones and payor categories to help with payor mix calculations.
  • Real Time Reporting
    • With our real time reporting, you will have a login to our system in order to monitor your accounts real time.    You can pull your reports 24/7/365 in real time to keep your finger on the pulse of your revenue.
  • PCR Software
    • We can provide your service with a fully customizable PCR program that can be tailored to your specific needs.  Our PCR program is integrated into the billing software to allow for faster billing of your claims.
  • Dispatch Software
    • Our dispatch software integrates into our PCR and Billing software to allow for seamless workflow from intake to billing.
  • Billing telephone
    • MedCorp EMS Billing provides a dedicated billing number for your clients.  This reduces the work load on your staff relaying information to billing.
  • Invoices
    • Professional invoices and statements will be designed for your services at no charge.
  • DIrect Medicare Submission
    • MedCorp EMS Billing directly submits to Medicare MACS without going through a third party site.   This decreases delays, and speeds up your companies processing times.
  • ID Badges
    • MedCorp EMS Billing can provide your employees with professional ID badges.  You design your badge and take their photos, and MedCorp will print name badges for $3.00 a card for standard.   Call for prices on mag strip or Prox cards.

MedCorp EMS Billing can currently submit Medicare Part B in the follow states:








New Mexico

North Carolina


South Carolina



U.S. Virgin Islands


West Virginia

Puerto Rico

Our Services

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